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Empowering Futures: The Cornetha F. Armant Scholarship Fund

Updated: Oct 20

In the heart of New Orleans, a scholarship fund has been established that not only honors an extraordinary individual but also strives to create a lasting impact on the future of the city's youth. The Cornetha F. Armant Scholarship Fund, organized by BAMM Cares Corporation, is not just a fund – it's a testament to love, education, and the legacy of a remarkable woman.

Cornetha F. Armant: A Life Dedicated to Education

Cornetha F. Armant was a name well-known in the New Orleans community. Her life was marked by her unwavering commitment to education, her deep love for children, and her passion for community service. She believed in the potential of every child and dedicated her career to uplifting and empowering the youth.

Cornetha's impact on education was profound. She worked tirelessly within the New Orleans Public School system for many years, taking on various roles at the district office and later serving as a Student Registrar at local high schools. Her commitment was not limited to the administrative sphere; she was also the sponsor and activities coach for majorette and performance teams, as well as a cherished Den Mother for the choir at a New Orleans high school.

The Birth of a Legacy

When Brandon Armant, BAMM Cares' founder and president, set out to establish the Cornetha F. Armant Scholarship Fund, he did so with a deep understanding of the values that drove his mother's life and career. Brandon's own words emphasize the importance of this scholarship: "The fund represents my mother's love for children and education. It's a way to carry forward her legacy and to ensure that her passion for empowering young minds lives on."

The scholarship fund's mission is to provide financial support to deserving students in New Orleans, allowing them to pursue higher education without the financial burdens that often deter many bright minds. In doing so, the fund hopes to encourage and motivate the next generation of leaders who will undoubtedly carry forward Cornetha's spirit of dedication, love, and service.

Empowering New Orleans' Future Leaders

In New Orleans, where the echoes of Cornetha's legacy continue to resonate, the Cornetha F. Armant Scholarship Fund is more than a mere charitable initiative. It's a tribute to a woman who believed in the transformative power of education and a gift to the city she loved.

This fund underscores the enduring importance of Cornetha's values and the belief that investing in education is an investment in the future. By providing opportunities to young minds, the fund empowers them to reach for their dreams, just as Cornetha envisioned for every child she encountered.

In a city known for its resilience and the strength of its community, the Cornetha F. Armant Scholarship Fund is poised to become a beacon of hope for generations to come. It's a testament to a life well-lived, a legacy that endures, and a commitment to nurturing the potential of New Orleans' future leaders.


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